Lagos State Government has called for continuous upgrade of the skills and competencies of artisans in the building and construction industry to help in the fight against building collapse.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Housing, Mr Wasiu Akewusola, said it was crucial for delivering high-quality buildings.

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Akewusola made this call when members of the Nigerian Institution of Building visited the ministry.

According to him, the significant role played by artisans cannot be underestimated as they determine the specifications of most building projects.

He also noted that the failure of most building designs was as a result of the inability of artisans to correctly translate building plans or designs into reality.

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Artisans are very important in achieving the goals of building safe and sustainable homes, hence, the Lagos State Government is set for an active involvement in capacity building for this category of workers, he said.

Akewusola said the country’s Gross Domestic Product would improve with enhanced capacity of the artisans.

He explained that upgrading and retooling of artisans would also make them to be more marketable in the global labour market.


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